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The Experiences of an Old Man with the Criminal Justice System in the UK.


Most people go through life with no contact with the Criminal Justice System. They feel secure in the belief that the system is there to protect them from the “Bad Guys”. This belief is unrealistic and dangerous. Anyone call fall victim to the Criminal Justice System. It is an insidious monster that can and does prey upon the innocent, the vulnerable and the ordinary law abiding citizens of our country. For your own safety, and the safety of your loved ones, you need to learn how the system works, its capabilities, its motives and how to protect yourself from falling victim to it.

This website describes the experiences of a peaceful, professional man. I have never in my life taken anything that did not belong to me. I have never hurt anyone except in self defence, and then only with the minimum necessary force. If I can fall victim to the Criminal Justice Industry, then so could anyone, even you dear reader.

You may notice that I now refer to the Criminal Justice System as an “industry”. It generates vast profits for large multi-national corporations. It extorts money from the poorest victims to pay for “services” that are contrary to the interests of those forced to pay for them. It engages in brutality and torture. It destroys the lives of innocent people. It is able to get away with this unconscionable behaviour because the gullible law abiding citizens are blissfully unaware of what is happening under their noses, indeed, what is being done in their name.

I hope that by sharing my experiences with my fellow citizens I might protect others from falling victim to this monster. The Criminal Justice Industry needs to be brought under the control of decent honourable people, and its corrupt profit motive brought to a decisive end. It needs a massive overhaul to make it fit for purpose. I ask that my readers help this cause by sharing this website using social media and by writing to your Members of Parliament.

This site describes an interaction between myself and the Criminal Justice Industry. It began with a bad decision made by an inexperienced junior police officer in the field. She chose to arrest the victim of a serious crime, rather than the offender. She based her decision on facts that were immediately disproved by the statement of the only independent witness. However, she stubbornly refused to admit her mistake. As time progressed, and other more experienced police officers became involved, there was adequate opportunity to correct this mistake. But the police closed ranks, and stubbornly defended their original error in spite of mounting evidence against them. It became clear that the most basic principles of forensics had not been followed. The police did not maintain a sterile crime scene. The police violated their own policies and procedures. The police behaviour was farcical. Later, agencies that are intended to investigate complaints against the Police/CPS twisted and turned to find excuses for the police/CPS behaviour rather than admit mistakes were made and correcting those mistakes. Indeed, it has come to my attention that these agencies routinely behave in this manner. They view their purpose as wilfully frustrating legitimate complaints rather than in fixing systemic problems. During my interrogation it became clear that the police had a sinister motive: They suspected me of being the author of a website critical of the police. One of their motives was clearly retribution. The website that they questioned me about was not one of mine, although obviously the site that you are reading now is. In any event criticising the police is not a crime. The police then raided my home, causing considerable psychological trauma, and took as hostage items of immense sentimental value. They later threatened to destroy these items unless I acceded to their demands. This is extortion, coercion and indeed psychological torture. It is a technique that the police often use to obtain confessions when their investigative skills prove inadequate. Eventually the Crown Prosecution Service, CPS, realized that their case was un-winnable. They threatened to destroy irreplaceable family heirlooms unless I agreed to a restraining order being placed upon me, the victim, for the protection of the offender. My defence barrister also prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the CPS. He is thus qualified to comment on their motives and mindset. He has stated that CPS acted in this manner “to avoid getting egg on their faces”. They view their reputation as more important than truth or justice. These are the childish individuals that society has given so much power over our lives.

Can you be imprisoned with no trial and no evidence?

Most ordinary people living in the UK think that they cannot be arrested for no good reason and sent to prison without a trial and without evidence. We were brought up to believe in a fair and just system, with many safeguards. We were taught in school that British Justice was a model for the rest of the world to aspire to. Unfortunately, in the real world, British justice is very different to this idealistic image. I was arrested on the street on the unsubstantiated word of a local gang member. I was sent to prison for 12 weeks without a trial. I was not allowed to tell my side of the story to a court. The court carefully controlled what I was allowed to say: If I tried to tell my side I was firmly told that it was not appropriate for me to speak, and that the court would hear my side later. But they never let me speak, not at any time during my 12 week ordeal. This is willful ignorance on the part of the court.

I would like to ask my readers at this point to imagine what would happen in your lives if you were suddenly removed from your routine without any warning, and not allowed to take care of your affairs for 12 weeks. Can you even make a complete list of the problems that would accumulate over this time period. Perhaps your first thoughts would be “is the oven turned off”, or “did I leave any windows open, and will it rain”. Then perhaps your thoughts might turn to ”what will my boss think if I don't show up for work”, then as time passes by you might start to worry about bills not getting paid. Will the gas, electricity, phone, water get cut off? During the winter months you might be concerned about frozen pipes if the heat is off due to non-payment of gas or electricity bills. Will all your credit cards get canceled because you are not paying your bills? What will happen to your credit rating? You cannot make your car payment, so will your car get repossessed ? Then things start to get really serious: Will my mortgage get foreclosed, will I lose my home, what will happen to all my possessions in my home, will they be thrown out in the street, what will happen? At this stage you don't know how long until you can take care of your affairs: Will it be 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years? You have no idea. Can you imagine being in this situation? All you have are the clothes on your back, and whatever you normally carry in your pockets when you leave the house. And even the contents of your pockets will be taken from you at the police station, and will not be available to you until you are released from prison. You will not even have access to phone numbers or account numbers written on a piece of paper in your pocket. And as for such information contained in your cell phone, there will be absolutely no access to that information. Indeed, the Criminal Justice System will increase your prison sentence by years if you even attempt to keep your cellphone. Once your body is in the clutches of the Criminal Justice System your communications with the outside world are carefully controlled at best, and without the assistance of resourceful helpers on the outside, cut off completely.

The Local Gang

For several years I was subjected to threats, intimidation, and physical violence by a neighbourhood gang. They entered my fenced back yard against my wishes, and stole garden tools and a wheely bin. On one occasion I was Kevin Miles cornered in the back alley to my home by multiple assailants. I counted 10 attackers. One of the attackers I recognized as Kevin Miles, the resident of 37A Redenhall Road. The other attackers were members of a gang comprising his extended family, and others from the neighbourhood. Kevin Miles walked towards me shouting hostile words, including, inter alia, “I can get nasty”. His young son began to cry as a result of Mr. Miles' aggressive behaviour. His wife said: “It's not worth it”. He then retreated to console his son. His wife used a cell phone to call in reinforcements. Shortly thereafter the other 9 attackers arrived. Kevin Miles, emboldened by the arrival of his gang, walked towards me again. He shouted: “now you've upset my son, you're going to get it now”. I stood my ground, and Kevin Miles then retreated behind a tall male wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap. The larger male held Kevin Miles back while Kevin Miles threw punches at me.

The Incident

Approximately 1 year later I was walking through Harleston when Kevin Miles passed me on the pavement. He made threats to me. I suggested that we go immediately to the Police station. He agreed. As we reached the intersection of Swan Lane and The Thoroughfare Kevin Miles walked on along The Thoroughfare, away from Swan Lane. Since Kevin Miles is familiar with Harleston I believe that this was a deliberate attempt to avoid proceeding to the Police Station. I reminded him of the correct route to the Police Station, and he then continued with me along Swan Lane towards the Police Station. As we proceeded along Swan Lane Kevin Miles took a cell phone from his pocket and proceeded to make a call. At the time I believed that he was calling reinforcements as his wife had done a year earlier. This suspicion was later proven to be correct by a written statement made by Kevin Miles that same day, and witnessed by PC Rout. Kevin Miles then dropped back so that he was walking behind me. I turned to face Kevin Miles and as I did so he threw 2 punches at me: He punched me once in the mouth, and once in the stomach. In order to stop his attack I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him backwards into a hedge. As he fell backwards he extended one arm The Alleged Knife Wound backwards to break his fall. The hedge contained sharp edges, either from thorns or from pruning, which resulted in a very small cut on Kevin Miles' finger about the severity of a paper cut. I held Kevin Miles down for about 30 seconds to demonstrate to him that I had control of the situation, then I released him. Kevin Miles got to his feet and pulled out a knife. He waived it from side to side, and said: “I'm going to fucking kill you”. I continued to face Kevin Miles as he moved from side to side in the road; I did not want to turn my back on him as I considered him to be a threat. At this time a car approached along Swan Lane. Kevin Miles ran to the car and talked to the driver. I did not look at the driver, but registered only the car. I assumed that this was the reinforcements that Kevin Miles had called for on his cell phone. The car was between me and the Police Station, so I retreated towards The Thoroughfare. I collected my car and drove to the Police Station, approaching the Police Station from the west, the opposite direction to the section of Swan Lane blocked by what I assumed to be Kevin Miles' gang. I needed my car for protection as I believed that multiple assailants were in the immediate vicinity intent on killing me or causing serious physical injury to my body. I tried to enter the Police Station but it was locked. I found a phone on the outside wall of the Police Station and called the Police to report the attack.

The photo of Kevin Miles' finger above was provided by the police. It is a low-res black and white photocopy. The police have in their possession a high-res colour photograph. I have repeatedly asked the police to provide a copy to me, but they always refuse. They are afraid of the conclusions that my forensic expert might draw from such evidence. The photograph shows the injuries to Kevin Miles' finger, a small scratch which the police assert is a knife wound. The wound shape, although difficult to discern in the low-res photo, is very clear in the hi-res colour photo that the police are hiding. The wound shape is inconsistent with the story told by Kevin Miles and the police.

Kevin Miles made up a story that I was the one with a knife, and that I was waving the knife from side to side. Kevin Miles said that he grabbed my wrist. The location of the wound is itself inconsistent with his wrist grab story, as such a manoeuvre would more likely result in a cut to the palm of the hand, the underside of the fingers, or the inside of the forearm just above the wrist. A cut to the top side of a finger is unlikely from a wrist grab. I believe that the small scratch to Kevin Miles' finger tip was in fact caused by a hedge, not by a knife. However, Kevin Miles did have a knife at the scene and did threaten me with it. Thus an alternative theory is that Kevin Miles deliberately inflicted a trivial scratch upon his own finger to support his false accusations against me. He had adequate opportunity to have his knife removed from the scene by his posse.

Kevin Miles has repeatedly reversed the roles played by himself and me when describing incidents. Kevin Miles has never grabbed my wrist in any fight. On two separate occasions I have grabbed his wrist when he was throwing punches at me. Kevin Miles likes to shout violent threats from a distance, but when I had him under physical control he became very quiet. There are numerous witnesses to these previous attacks that the police refuse to interview. Kevin Miles would never have the courage to grab the wrist of someone wielding a knife. In the encounter that resulted in my arrest Kevin Miles had a knife, and I did not. Even so Kevin Miles ran to an old woman begging her to protect him from the old man that he had attacked with a knife.

To summarize: Kevin Miles is a member of a local neighbourhood gang that get their jollies by threatening and intimidating an old man. In the past this gang had engaged in cowardly multiple assailant attacks on this old man. One day Kevin Miles saw this old man in town, and he thought he could bully the old man all by himself, without his posse to back him up. Kevin Miles is in his early thirties and athletic. When the old man got the better of this street thug, Kevin Miles ran to an old lady that was passing by in her car, flagged her down, and cowered in the back of her car. He hid, albeit figuratively, behind an old woman's skirts. The Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS East of England, Mr. Frank Ferguson, told me in writing that Kevin Miles was shaking and obviously very scared. What a cowardly excuse for a street thug Kevin Miles turned out to be!

Who is Rosemary Ann Steer ?

Rosemary Ann Steer is the only independent witness to the incident. She was passing in her car on Swan Lane. Kevin Miles ran to her car, begging her to save him. She let him into her car, and called the police. Rosemary Ann Steer

Rosemary Ann Steer
DOB 26/04/55
Brook Cottage
The Street
IP20 9NL
Telephone: 01379 854 245

Rosemary Ann Steer told the police that Kevin Miles claimed that I had attacked him. However, she also stated that she did not see any assault, and did not see any knife. She merely informed the police of the story that Kevin Miles told her. This is hearsay: She heard Kevin Miles say that I had attacked him. She did not see it happen.

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